How To Pick An HD TV

Last year we made the switch and joined the land of HD television. Not only did we get our first HD television we replaced each of our older TV’s.

Buying an HD TV is not like buying the old CRT TV.

Bigger screens don’t always provide better viewing. With CRT TV’s you could get away with smaller screens as the resolution was lower. With HD TV, you must take into account two things: resolution (1080p or 720p) and distance between TV and seating. For example, if the distance between the television and seating is 9 feet, you should buy a 69 inch 108op or a 46 inch 720p HD TV.

Don’t be brand loyal. Your old TV brand either doesn’t exist or may not make good units. RCA, JVC, Westinghouse, Philips, and Polaroid are not made in the US anymore and they are not even made by these companies. The above companies license the brand names out to Amtran of Taiwan or On Corp of China.

Be prepared to purchase a sound system. Either a surround sound system or at least external speakers. HD TV’s speakers are small and downward firing only which means you get lower volume, poor sound quality for higher frequency sounds and the sound travel straight forward but not to the side of the TV.

Good luck on purchasing your next television!

By Tim

Dad to two boys living in rural farm country.

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Thank you for those great tips! I’ve been looking to upgrade my TV for some time. I have a nice 32” Samsung LCD, but TVs have come along way since. I might like to upgrade to a 3D set if the price is right. Finding a new TV will be kind of hard, but TV service was easy. I have HD Free for live from my employer DISH Network. They have the most HD channels available at great low every day prices. It was really, a “no brainer” decision.

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