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From Christmas to birthdays, holidays are a great reason to celebrate. See what we’ve been up to during our holidays.

tooth fairy 3

Easter Bunny Caught On Camera

A few years ago, we caught the Tooth Fairy during his first visit to our house and this year we’re hoping we’ll catch the Easter Bunny hopping by this weekend. For less than $10...

Santa's Town 0

Christmas Comes But Once A Year

Christmas will arrive at our home shortly so while we’re busy celebrating, I found one of my favorite short movies to share with you. The orphans at a small orphanage wake to find their...

The Kids Cook Monday 2

The Kids Cook Monday

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that our boys like to help in the kitchen. Sometimes, it’s a simple as putting together their snack or making their own peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Sometimes,...

Printable Games for Winter Holidays 0

Printable Games for Winter Holidays


PrintableGamesAtoZ.com offers a large number of printable games for parties to holidays. You get unlimited prints of an entire package of games for 90 days (one year on non-seasonal packages). My Review At first,...

Printable Thanksgiving Party Games Pack 2

Printable Thanksgiving Party Games Pack


You might recall when I first told you about Python Printables. Well, they have Thanksgiving ones available too. My Review This pack has the same variety in age levels as the Halloween set we...

Printable Halloween Party Games Pack 1

Printable Halloween Party Games Pack


Python Printable Games is an excellent resource for printable games for kids of all ages and they encourage you to use and reuse the games to your heart’s desire. My Review I was seriously...