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Five Reasons Our Boys Love JumpStart

A few years ago as Tim and I strolled through an office store to use a $10 off $25 coupon, we thought about picking up a game for the boys. We perused through the overwhelming amount of kid games and selected a JumpStart game. Why did we choose the game? It was educational, fun, expandable, and offered an online arena. I knew that games typically have a life span and once you’ve beat the game, the fun is all over. An online arena meant a never-ending game and that was interesting all those years ago.

Drama King already told you what he loves about Math Blaster, the sister site of JumpStart, so I interviewed Little T about his favorite things and compiled the five top reasons he loves JumpStart. Drama King added his reasons but they pretty much mimicked Little T so I combined the few that were similar.

  1. You can customize your character with a large selection of outfits.
  2. You have a buddy list to keep track of your friends.
  3. You can play a lot of learning games and some games allow you to challenge your buddies.
  4. Interacting with and learning about the Madagascar™ zoo characters.
  5. You can turn other players into animals or mutants, fly on a broom, and many other interesting things.

Explore JumpStart

The Online Area
Every child is able to explore and play in JumpStart free, however, members have access to 1000s of games and have the unique opportunity to hatch and raise mythical creatures. Did I forget to mention that members can download four full version PC games? Or that one membership covers up to six children. Or that you get access to a whole other site? Seriously what other online world offers more?
JumpStart Membership

So how much does a membership cost? $8.99 a month but trust me once your kids get a taste of a membership, they’ll want to play forever so you’d be wise to get the lifetime membership at $149.99. We’ve been members since

Downloadable Games

The four games span from age three to eight but your kids will probably play even longer as the games are just that much fun. In addition to these games, JumpStart also offers school games for preschool through sixth grade which can be purchased from a variety of local and online software stores. Our boys have played all four downloadable games at various times over the last few years and they love working towards each gem, the reward at the end of each level within the game.
They Even Have Apps

Madagascar Preschool Surf n' Slide

JumpStart offers a handful of apps so you can take the fun with you. We checked out the in-game version of the new Madagascar™ app since we don’t have an iTunes account and the boys had so much fun playing with the toddlerized characters. They loved collecting the stars and answering the questions but they cracked up the sound when they would intentionally get an answer wrong.
The Madagascar Preschool Surf n’ Slide™ app as well as their other apps are available on iTunes and Android phones for a reasonable $4.99 each. I’d love to see JumpStart offer the apps as part of the lifetime membership package. I understand not offering it with the monthly or annual since they can’t take away the app once they give it to you but the lifetime membership doesn’t expire and it would give one more incentive for parents picking the lifetime membership.

The Giveaway

One lucky reader will win a 3 month membership for their family. Another lucky reader will win an iTunes promotional code so they can take the Madagascar™ Preschool Surf N’ slide app with them.

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By Angelia Embler

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