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Our Holiday Kick Off Event Starts Now

Holidays Kick Off Event

By now your refrigerator is finally void of the delicious leftovers from Thanksgiving so it’s time we start thinking about the rest of the holidays this year. A few weeks ago I thought out putting together a gift guide but quickly decided against it. Then I had a spark of ingenuity and decided to clear out our blog bucket. Whenever I have an extra item, a freebie, or sample that can’t put to immediate use I put it in the blog bucket. I also have a prize bucket for the boys that contains little items we pick up throughout the year.

But back to the blog bucket…

We dug through the bucket and picked out some great items to giveaway to our readers. This will be a complete mishmash of items; some we’ve reviewed, some are samples, some are freebies but they’re all taking up space in the bucket. If this goes well, we might do this on a regular basis.

What’s in the bucket?

Holidays Kick Off Giveaways

We are packaging up the items and will post each giveaway separately soon.

*Taxes, shipping and handling charges apply

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