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Hau’oli Makahiki Hou!

And for those of you, like myself, who are not fluent in Hawaiian—Happy New Year!

We are having a Hawaiian themed New Years so we are serving kalua pig, King’s Hawaiian sweet rolls, pancit, pineapple upside cake, and lumpia. And to drink, we’ll have Mele Kalikimaka Punch to drink along with water and iced tea. The only guests we are expecting are Grandma Deb and Tank. We don’t really have much planned except letting the three boys terrorize each other and watching movies.

Now that everyone has gone home and the boys are unwinding in their bedroom, I’ll recap our night. Grandma Deb and Tank arrived around 5pm and immediately the three boys began their quest to destroy the play room. We had a delightful family dinner and retired to the living room to watch Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rocking Eve special. After the ball dropped, the boys went out to throw Pop Its as they do every year. Once all the Pop Its were popped, the boys came inside to have a quick snack. Grandma Deb packed Tank and the puppies into her car to head home.

After 7 hours, they accomplish their mission and the play room looks like a tornado went through it. After Grandma Deb arrived home, she called us with some strange information. Apparently on her way home, their was some sort of disturbance in her neighborhood. We’ll have to catch the headlines tomorrow and see what happened. We’ll also have some minor cleaning to do when we get up. Thankfully, the boys are getting better at picking toys up as they play so it’s not too bed out there.

Happy New Year. Hau’oli Makahiki Hou!

By Angelia Embler

Angi grew up in southern Arizona but now lives in central New Mexico with her husband, two sons and four dogs. She creates, answers @Yoast support, and loves to ramble. Find her curled up with a book or watching her favorite TV shows, movies, or American football game. ?

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